Smart Art: Sand T Kalloch's 'Stillness in Motion' evokes sense of calm

By Andre Van Der Wende, Contributing Writer
Cape Cod Times, Cape Week - Art, page 19, September 06, 2012

Sand T Kalloch, Pacific Ocean, 24 x 24 x 2.25 inches, various mediums on wood panel

At Farm Project and Gallery Space in Wellfleet, the seductive cool of Sand T Kalloch's abstraction resides in the glory of reduction, repetition and what the Malaysian-born artist calls her fascination "with the interplay of line, dot and light."

On deep, square, boxy wooden panels, Kalloch layers a single color of acrylic paint. She follows with vertical graphite lines of various densities before covering it all with a hermetic film of clear epoxy resin. The resin is clean and bright, a high-gloss sheen of liquid suspension. Kalloch often adds a further layer of individually hand-placed resin "droplets" that gives the appearance of water beading on the surface. The droplets look as durable as they do fragile.

Even though painting is part of the process for the art for this "Stillness in Motion" show, you couldn't really call these paintings per se. They're more like manufactured objects, but that's in no way a slight. On the contrary, there's something comforting in the aesthetic consistency of Kalloch's multimedia panels. There's a sleek assembly-line aesthetic that belies the cool appearance with emotive warmth and intelligence, nullifying any thoughts of the work as pure eye candy.

I can't help but love the deliberateness of a process that still allows for so many subtle improvisational riches. The work is about looking and slowing down long enough to consider the depth of experience in what at first appears similar.

The collective effect of Kalloch's panels, sensitively installed in the intimate Farm rooms, is calming and meditative. The value of simplicity, similarity and the beauty of nuance is well understood, and her unerring minimalism sustains its own poetic hum — a systematic cadence of color, line and light.


"Rolling Hills and Purple Mountains" is an assertive diptych with a sweet and tart palette of green and purple. The individual panels sit together in a state of equanimity and harmonious accord that fills the intimate room with a sharp burst of color and a feeling of distant exotic lands. Each panel here constitutes a frozen moment that is in many ways part of an extended measure, an ongoing singular work made of many parts and attuned to its own internal rhythm.


"Silver Cloud and Glistening Moonlight," a beautiful diptych of soft grays, is just as evocative, this time of a mountain wrapped in mist, or a light steady rain in a forest of white birch. Here Kalloch takes a new tack and reduces the surface to a matte finish with no bubbles, giving it an opaqueness that is less impenetrable than the glossy finishes. The experience is quite different, more open, so that one is able to get closer to the surface, and so closer to the art itself as it breathes its quiet message of serenity.


If you go:

What: Sand T Kalloch: Stillness in Motion.
When: through Sept. 24, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Thursdays through Mondays and by appointment.
Where: Farm Project Space and Gallery, 15 Commercial St. Wellfleet.
To make an appointment: 617-650-9800.
Information: farmprojectspace.com.