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Reggae Falls, St. Thomas, Jamaica, 45.75" x 45.75" x 3.25", Mixed media on wood



A simplifying approach to art-making is the driving force behind my work. The primary intention is to utilize the basic elements of visual language such as dot (point), line, surface (plane), color, form and light to create maximum visual impact. My work deals with the elements of repetition and geometric abstraction. It is inspired by nature, time, space, light, color, sound, movement, and composition. The reductive aesthetic in my work is an overlapping of decidedly contrary visual elements; a play of many dualities. Concepts of time, space, concentration, and the meditative energies of motion are expressed in this work.

I am fascinated with the interplay of line, dot and light where the relationship of harmony and balance play a significant role. The interplay of the lines, layers of resin, and resin droplets create a shallow 3-D effect. The droplets functioning to both distort and magnify the lines and, at the same time, reflect the surrounding light source. When I move from one side to another of the artwork, I see a sequence of animated reflected lights; and the ever-changing reflections project both into and reflect out of the work.

Though my working process is a time consuming affair in a very controlled environment, I find a certain meditative quality in it. Working in this state provides a balance of structure and chaos that is fulfilling to me. It demands self-discipline and satisfies a desire to continually improve my workmanship and developing new ideas.




Photographing this series of work is a challenge for me. The glossy surface and the intricate visual details innate in my works are hard to capture with any accuracy. Lighting is extremely important for maximizing the viewing experience as well as photographing this body of work. The source, brightness and angle of the lighting changes the appearance of the object. These fine details are usually not noticeable or distinctive in any image reproductions.

I encourage interested parties to see the pieces in person simply because the original color of the work might be distorted during image reproduction process. In addition to that, variations with interior lighting may affect the original color of the work as well.

Since accurate reproduction very difficult, I invite interested persons to view the original creations at my studio in Malden, Massachusetts, galleries that represent my work and/or art exhibits. What could be more satisfying than being able to appreciate a piece of original work of art up close in person.



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Please Note: The colors of the images on this website may be slightly off compared with the original artwork.
High resolution images of artwork in specific sizes and colors are available upon request.