My latest work series are works on paper mainly black and white. Materials used are charcoal, china marker, water-soluble wax pastel, conte, crayon and colored pencils. During the making of these studies, my motor-control, perception, visual memory and decision-making abilities were challenged. The process was often exploratory and experimental. As a result, it helped me to find a new direction in a formerly unknown territory of possibilities. This body of work became the final artistic expression of my visual thoughts from the moment. Nevertheless, they will continue to serve as inspiration for my next.


world inside a petri dish   inner-net   a mile long


  mapping the mindscape   untitled series i
picto   7 continents & 5 oceans   untitled series iv

Please Note: The colors of the images on this website may be slightly off compared with the original artwork.
High Res Images available upon request.